Vision & Mission


Safer society ensuring equitable quality sexual and reproductive health care


  • Ensuring easy access to affordable quality SRHR services
  • Developing skilled and gender sensitive professionals
  • Empowering community with SRHR knowledge.
  • Strengthening advocacy and networking mechanism
  • Generating new knowledge related SRHR through research initiatives.

Main Strategy

To fulfill the missions, vision and objectives of the organization BAPSA’s main strategies include: Policy decision for improving the reproductive health of the vulnerable and marginalized women, men, children and adolescents; top -down approach of decisions and involvement of all managerial and supervisors of the field functionaries; members and associated stakeholders are being informed about the policy issues; opinion pool of target groups; following collaborative approach; openness of communications and feedback system. Besides, BAPSA follows two prongs –strategy to provide services, a) Clinical services through establishing Reproductive Health Clinics at the different locations of the country to contribute reducing MMR and reaching Safe Sexual and Reproductive Health related services to the poor and vulnerable people and reaching information on Sexual and Reproductive Health and rights to all male and female citizen of Bangladesh b) provide BCC and Advocacy Services in order to bring about an attitudinal changes for establishing the reproductive rights of women; carryout advocacy to deal with the health impact of unsafe abortion as a major public health concern through community involvement and also the members of the civil society. BAPSA also give emphasis on private-public partnership for capacity development.