RFSU Supported Project

Project title : Improving SRHR Situation in Urban and Rural areas of Bangladesh.

BAPSA is working in the current project “Improving SRHR Situation in the Urban and Rural Areas of Bangladesh” and giving emphasis for improving the adolescent SRHR and in the future will also be taken into consideration. This current project  has completed 1st year of its implementation. The project as a whole was aimed to provide enhanced understanding to the policy makers, Managers, Local authorities & gate-keepers about the necessity of providing SRHR knowledge to youth & Adolescents, train selected teachers of the catchments area on SRHR to make them capable of providing quality SRHR information to students aged 13 to 19 years in their respective schools, equip BAPSA man-power on SRHR & management issues through training and provide quality SRHR services to the youth and adolescents of the target area through YFS centre as well as community meetings organized by the project staff and adolescent peer members. During this period one rural area (One Upazila) has been taken under the project to establish an unit with 4 volunteers and one supervisor mainly to make the youths and adolescents of the area aware of SRHR issues and motivate the gate-keepers allow their adolescents learn SRHR messages. All the targeted activities during this period have been performed with some minor exceptions. The result-wise performance during this reporting period is furnished below:

Result 1 / Short-term Outcome 1: Enhanced understanding  among the  Policy makers, Managers, Local authorities  about the necessity of giving SRHR knowledge to youth & / Adolescents in the project areas

  • Advocacy Meeting/Dialogue with Policy makers and Managers.

Result 2 / Short-term Outcome 2: Enhanced  understanding among Gate-keepers  about the necessity of giving SRHR knowledge to youth & Adolescents in the project area

  • Community Advocacy meeting on SRHR with Gatekeepers (Parents, Local leaders, Religious leaders, etc.).
  • Community Advocacy meeting on SRHR with grassroots people.(96sessions)

Result 3 / Short-term Outcome 3: Enhanced capacity/ possibilities for Teachers to conduct good quality of SRHR education in schools-age13-19 in project areas

  • Workshop/Orientation with teachers on SRHR issue.

Result 4 /Outcome 4: Enhanced capacity of the BAPSA’s staff in project areas.

  • Training on NGO/Development nissues.

Result 5 / Short-term Outcome 5: Enhance quality of SRHR services to Y/A (Knowledge, Counseling, SRHR training, Skill dev Training, Peer approach training etc.) for the Youth & Adolescents and Enhanced capacity of the disadvantaged Y/A of the project area

  • Provide SRHR knowledge to youths & adolescents through organized sessions at the YFS Center (96 sessions)
  • Provide SRHR knowledge to youths & adolescents through making group in the community level. (64 sessions)
  • Conduct group sessions by trained peer members in the community. (160 sessions)
  • Provide Peer approach training/refresher training to youths & adolescent peer members.
  • Provide livelihood skill development training in project area
  • Limited reproductive health care services to adolescents including blood grouping
  • Provide help-line counseling services at YFS Center.
  • Provide SRHR knowledge to youths & adolescents through individual contact in the community level.

Result-6 All the activities of all 5 results of the project are monitored & supervised by the project