Improving SRHR Situation in Bangladesh

BAPSA is working with the project “Improving SRHR Situation in the Urban and Rural Areas of

Bangladesh” and giving emphasis for improving the adolescent SRHR. The project as a whole

aimed to improve SRHR situation among Youth/Adolescents irrespective of their marital status,

gender, social backgrounds, sexual preference and have excess to high quality of youth friendly

sexual and reproductive health services through creating enabling environment in project

areas within project period (2017).It enhanced understanding of the policy makers, Managers,

Local authorities & gate-keepers about the necessity of providing SRHR knowledge to youth &

Adolescents, train selected teachers of the catchments area on SRHR to make them capable of

providing quality SRHR information to students aged 13 to 19 years in their respective schools.

BAPSA has established Youth Friendly Service Centre (YFS) in Ward -2 under zone 2 of DNCC under

the project and this centre serves the youth/ adolescents to meet the constantly growing demand

and provide quality SRHR in target area through YFS center.

The major activities of

this project are-

  • Advocacy meeting/Dialogue/Seminar/Workshop with Policymakers and Managers Local authorities & media personnel.
  • Community Advocacy meeting and SRHR Orientation program on SRHR with Gatekeepers (Teachers, Parents, Local leaders, Religious leaders, grassroots People, youthsetc.).
  • Provide SRHR training to Schools) Teachers with a view to breaking the eyes on SRHR Issue (which are already included in Text board book curriculum whenever they teach.
  • A series of SRHR Sessions, satellite programs, campaign on SRHR Issues at schools as well asProject catchment areas by trained staff & Teachers.
  • Provide training to BAPSA Staff with a view to building capacity.
  • Trained youth/ adolescents as Peer Educator through providing peer approach training.
  • Provide SRHR knowledge to youths & adolescents through organized sessions at the YFS Center, at community levels by trained providers as well as trained Peer Educator.
  • Provide livelihood skill development training to disadvantage youth / adolescents on Computer, photography, tailoring, beautification, driving with a view to make them Sustainable & change their living standard in project catchment areas.
  • Limited curative reproductive health care services to youth / adolescents including blood grouping free of cost.
  • Provide Special counseling on SRHR Issues and help line counseling by telephonic conversation.
  • Provide training in SREHR, Gender & HRBA to staffs to serve good quality of SRHR education in YFS center as well as community project areas.
  • Consolidated the understand of SRHR Situation among the adolescents and Youth through

workshop and developed Video documentary with the participation of Youth and Adolescents.