Claiming the Rights to Safe MR

Claiming the Rights to Safe Menstrual Regulation Strategic Partnership in Asia.
Project Background: The project is implemented in five countries in the South Asian and South-East Asian regions namely: Bangladesh (Naripokkho, and BAPSA), India (CommonHealth), Nepal (Beyond Beijing Committee - BBC), Cambodia (Reproductive Health Association of Cambodia - RHAC), and the Philippines (Women’s Global Network on Reproductive Rights - WGNRR)with ARROW partners. The year2022 is the 5th year of this strategic partnership project of BAPSA with ARROW. BAPSA was a resource partner in 2018 and started its intervention in 2019 as an implementation partner to address the gaps identified in the baseline study findings conducted by Naripokkho and BAPSA jointly.

Objectives: More specifically the objectives of this project are as follows:

strengthen the evidence base to advocate and call for accountability to ensure the right to safe abortion at the national, regional, and international levels;

help build perspectives and value clarification on the critical issues that impede the recognition of these rights and the provision of information and services to women and girls;

tackle the multitude of issues and complexities within the scope of abortion that are often used to deny Establish an inclusive, multi-country regional partnership to strengthen efforts to advocate for the right to safe abortion through evidence-based advocacy and accountability in Asia and at the country level.

Project performance: The project was implemented in the district and Upazila levels- namely Mirpur area of Dhaka District, Kaliganj and Sadar Upazila of Gaipur District, Saturia&Singair Upazila of Manikganj District.