AFHS in Urban Areas


By signing the agreement on November 08,  2015, BAPSA has started work with UNICEF under the Small Scale Fund Agreement (SSFA) partnership agreement. BAPSA has been established an `Adolescent Friendly Health Service (AFHS) Centre’ in Ward – 3 under zone 2 of DNCC and this center serves the adolescents with the help of UNICEF from November , 2015 to meet the constantly growing demand of friendly health services by the adolescents. It was also identified that in Zone -2 there are many youth clubs and the adolescents and young people are gathering there for recreation and other purposes, but SRHR are less discussed and not prioritized. Overall Goal and objective of the project:

To create demand generation of Adolescent Friendly Health services through establishing Adolescent Friendly Health Services (AFHS) with the help of UNICEF. It would serve as a model AFHS clinic for NGO as well as for the public sector to provide quality health and counseling services to adolescents in ward 3 and ward 5 (partial) of Zone-II of DNCC, Mirpur. Moreover to Strengthen the Government Outdoor Dispensary and provide support to UPHCSDP for providing good quality of ASRH services including education among the adolescents. The purposes of partnership included:

  1. i) To increase networking of organizations and clubs/groups working with adolescents in zone 2 of DNCC to promote ASRHR which will minimize duplication and would maximize wider coverage through concerted effort of all organizations and groups.
  2. ii) To establish Adolescent Friendly Health Service (AFHS) Centre and create SRHR supporting enabling environment in the working areas;

iii) To collaborate with other public, private and NGOs infrastructure for promotion of sustainable ASRHR (Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health & Rights)

 Iv ) To increase involvement of educational institution of the community to foster better understanding on ASRHR;

  1. v) To involve community level organizations, Adolescent clubs/groups and increase ASRHR knowledge and utilize them as advocate of ASRHR Main Activities were:
  • Mapping of Available Facilities Offering AFHS in Zone II developed and disseminated with NDCC.
  • Coordination Committee Meetings on AFHS held in NDCC of coordination meeting on AFHS with GO, NGOs, City corporation and Local authorities of influential Parents oriented on SRHR/AFHS Issues in project catchment areas.
  • Orientation meeting with teachers & SMC members , Schools & Madrasha on SRHR Issue at ward – 5 & 3 (partial) of Zone-II, Dhaka.
  • Essay / Quiz competition held in Secondary schools.
  • IEC/BCC/Register/Others/Souvenir/ brochure printed and Video Documentary developed on AFHS and broadcast in Local Cable TV Network and multimedia in School.
  • Provide Limited Curative Reproductive Health Care (Puberty related diseases, Malnutrition, Blood grouping, STI/RTI, Menstrual Management & Sanitary napkin distribution etc) to adolescents .
  • Adolescent Received counseling on SRHR Issues by Help line (using cell phone) by Counsellor during office hours.
  • Provide basic computer training & tailoring training to Adolescent.
  • Provide training on peer approach for conducting the SRHR sessions to their peer
  • Arrange different recreational event (game competition, visit, voluntary services, Video documentary show, drama etc) on SRHR Issues.
  • Outreach session conducted at Adolescent Club (Formal/ Informal) to provide SRHR services & Counseling at GOD/ NGO clinics / UPHCP/ OGSB Hospitals Adolescent Clubs by trained Counsellor/ Paramedics /Peer Educators.
  • Satellite sessions held on SRHR services & Counseling at Schools, other out of schools and small garments through satellite camp.
  • Observed Adolescent Health Day /Heath Fair organize by SMC in Zone II
  • Organize Campaign Program on SRHR Issues with Adolescents within the project area.
  • Community sessions facilitated by trained peer educator through making group of adolescent.
  • Individual contact with adolescents by field staff.